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ELKa + ELKaPlus - Topnotch Diet Control Toolset
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Product available for sale in Poland only

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ELKa tracks six basic nutrient data: amount of energy, carbohydrate (both edible and fiber), fats, proteins and cholesterol and calculates Carbs Units and Protein-Fat Units used in Diabetes diet control.
It provides many practical features including
  • built-in support for a dedicated electronic USB kitchen scale ELKaPlus (synchronized weight reading and tarring);
  • ability to serve a dish portion to the virtual Dinning Room;
  • an expandable personalized Recipes;
  • a rich list of ingredients (over 5,000 articles from USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 22);
  • an expandable virtual Larder (by nutrient data provided by manufacturer);
  • a virtual fridge (containing self-prepared dishes nutrient data);
  • customized vessels list simplifying the tarring process during weighing their net contents;
ELKa is both easy to use and powerful. Thanks to optimized user interface the everyday usage is simple and not absorbing attention and time.
Take advantage of those features and prepare the most complex dishes at home for you or your family still keeping a full diet control.