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No doubt these days precise diet control requires a good quality digital weighing scales. But can you imagine the power you can get having the chance to connect your scale to your PC?

ELKaPlus - Electronic USB Scale

Product available for sale in Poland only

ELKaPlus is a precision digital kitchen weighing scale with USB port. It has large INOX plate suitable for average kitchen utensils and temperatures. It features a weight capacity of 5 kg (11 lb.) and 0.5 g (0.1 oz) of accuracy. LCD displays weight in metric or imperial units. Powered from three independent power sources: battery, AC adapter or USB.
ELKaPlus is fully integrated with ELKa application and supports real-time 2-way data exchange via USB port.

Get lots of value-added features controlling ELKaPlus from ELKa application. Save your time, effort and money getting ELKaPlus and ELKa at the special price.