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ELKa + ELKaPlus - Topnotch Diet Control Toolset
Price EUR 119.98

Product available for sale in Poland only

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The toolset contains ELKa PC software and ELKaPlus scale hardware communicating each other in a real-time via USB port.
ELKa is a Windows® application supporting diet control for those who cook and eat at home. ELKa calculates nutrient data of dishes on-the-fly during cooking, based on weights and nutrient data of ingredients used in their recipes and cooked dishes weights.
Free 20 -day trial evaluation available from the Download section.

ELKaPlus is a precision digital kitchen weighing scale with USB port. It has large INOX plate suitable for average kitchen utensils and temperatures. It features a weight capacity of 5 kg (12 lb.) and 0.5 g (0.1 oz) of accuracy. LCD displays weight in metric or imperial units. Powered from three independent power sources: battery, AC adapter or USB.

As of 2013, ELKa - being probably the only diet control tool in the world supporting home cooking - has several unique features among simmilar applications:
  • it is integrated with an ELKaPlus electronic scale - it automatically reads weights from the ELKaPlus scale simplifying the cooking process;
  • it offers the ability to prepare several dishes at the time;
  • it gives the opportunity to track nutritional data of dishes or their portions even if their weight changes after cooking (because of e.g. heat treatment);
  • it tracks basic nutrient data (per 100 g) of self-prepared dishes.
A must-have toolset if a diet control is your concern.