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What is all about?

These days diet control seems to be fashionable.
Some are motivated by weight loosing and some by willing to make their or their family life healthier. Many disorders requires a strict diet control. No matter your reasons you should consult with professional dieticians first. But when comes to arduous activity we believe you can achieve your goals easier based on a science and knowledge.

That's why we designed the toolset tracking nutrition of self prepared food on-the-fly while you cook.

Who can need it?

If you cook and eat at home you may be interested in our diet control approach. Diabetics want to track Carbs, PKU disorder requires Phe control. You may want to control cholesterol, proteins or just energy intake. In any case you should be able to track data you are interested in.

How does it work?

As of today every practical method of tracking nutrition values of a meal bases on the knowledge of ingredients nutrient data and their weights used in it. They usually limit you to a prescribed recommended dishes list. ELKa toolset consists of ELKa PC application which makes all the calculations and ELKaPlus digital kitchen scale which transmits weights in a real-time to a PC via USB port. In a wide range of cases you can break that limit with ELKa - follow the prescription and do not give up your favourite dishes.
While the conventional weighing is burdensome and inconvenient and calculations are complex and time consuming, both seems to be extremely difficult to carry for a long period. ELKa makes that process easy and accurate significantly facilitating precise diet control.
ELKa collected several testimonials from reputable Polish national societies. But our energy comes from the every single success of our valuable users preparing an everyday meal with ELKa. Join us and share our satisfaction.